Saturday, December 14, 2002

List of things I hate
1. Most people
2. Dumb people
3. Ignorant people
4. People that don't know how to merge into traffic
5. People that walk too slow in the mall
6. People that have no sense of humor
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt and any boy band
Anna Nicole Smith
She's just fat.
Dirty Clothes
If you sniff the pits and it's okay, is it still good to wear? What about socks? Sometimes they're still sweaty and when I put them on I get a really itchy rash. Perhaps if I wasn't so lazy and I actually did my laundry more than once a month a wouldn't have such a problem. Luckly, I have at least 50 pair of underwear to my name, so no need to worry on that part.
500 Channels
And not a thing to watch. You think with over that many channels I would be able to find something entertaining on. Instead, I ended up switching to a channel that discussed wax statues. Hmmmm...