Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I am the malcontents sister. She won't admit that today she suffered a massive groin injury, groin injury, g-g-g-g groin injury.
My father is from another planet
It's called Uranus.
Sometimes my head itches
I suppose it has to do with me not washing it often enough. Oh well.
Fatty McButter Pants
My brother's cat is the size of a watermelon, with this wee little cue ball head. His name is Spanky, but I like to call him Fatty McButter Pants.
I'm still pissed off a Killjoy
I keep picturing him imploding into little bits of floating crap.
I'm a clown, I'm a sad clown!
What A Dick
Well, Killjoy has struck again. We have been trying to play some Xmas music, as this is the eve before Xmas, and ass hole keeps complaining about the volume of the music. I'll give him some music, I'll shove the tape deck right up his fucking unmerry ass!
Mr Deeds
If I ever see that movie, you have my permission to give me a frontal lobotomy.
I am fatigued
I am tempted to pull a George Castanza and take a nap under my desk.
I have always wanted a cape so that I may swirl it about me in great big, expansive gestures, with it billowing out and around me as I move with silken catlike grace.
Annoying Man
There is this guy I work with who is probably the BIGGEST KILLJOY on the face of the planet. Not only does he insist on ruining everyone's good time but he spies on us as well and reports back to the manager. I hope he gets a scorching case of fungus on his crotch.